Heinz seeks actors from old Beanz ads

Heinz, the food brand, has launched a campaign to find actors and actresses who appeared in its Beanz adverts during the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. An advert in The Sun today (January 12) calls for anyone involved in the ads to get in touch with its agency, Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO.

The ads says that the company made about 100 ads for Heinz over the 30 year period, but adds that it is particularly keen to find actors from the Beanz ads that feature young children reciting a poem to camera about their love of Heinz Beanz.

A number of the poem ads have also been posted on YouTube over the past week with the user asking if anyone knows or recognises the actors. It is not clear if it is related to the advert.

Heinz says it is seeking the actors because it archive for the period is incomplete, but it is thought that it may be for a new campaign looking to tap into nostalgia for the 123 year old brand..

Last year, Heinz dropped “baked” from the name as part of a move to reposition beans as a healthy product. It also revamped the packaging.


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