Heinz to launch HP Guinness Sauce

Heinz has teamed up with Guinness to launch a new variant of HP Sauce for St Patrick’s Day.


The food manufacturer says the sauce will “blend the signature flavours of Guinness HP Sauce to create a distinct and unique sauce that will highlight the quality and strength of both brands”.

The launch will be supported with a digital PR campaign featuring former England rugby captain Phil Vickery. It will also be promoted in-store in both the sauce and beer aisles with sampling around St Patrick’s Day (17 March).

HP Guinness will also be available at selected rugby grounds throughout February and March to encourage trial and raise awareness.

HP Guinness is targeting male consumers in their twenties and thirties as well as existing HP consumers and women who enjoy cooking from scratch.

Heinz and Diageo previously teamed up in 2009 to launch a limited edition Heinz Taste of Home Steak and Guinness casserole soup,

According to Nielsen figures, the brown sauce category is currently worth £51m. HP Sauce is the number one brand, worth over £37.4m.



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