Helen Kellie: Marketer to marketer

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Marketers put their questions to BBC Worldwide global head of Makreting Helen Kellie.


Greg Klassen, senior vice-president of marketing at Tourism Canada, asks: The iPad and other tablet or mobile devices are a really interesting brand and marketing opportunity for the commercial part of the BBC. What are you doing to drive this strategy?

Helen Kellie (HK) We’re very proud that some of our apps have made it onto Apple’s iTunes Rewind 2010 selection of the best apps, including BBC Good Food Quick Recipes and Healthy Recipes. The BBC Listener app was also voted one of the top news apps. Apps offer new tailored distribution opportunities for our content, from paid-for apps or Lonely Planet guides, which are GPS-enabled and for which we have 5 million paid-for downloads to date.

There are also ad-funded opportunities such as the BBC.com news app, which is available outside the UK. It is free to use and is funded by advertising and has been downloaded 2 million times to date.

Apps are a great way for brands to build consumer engagement or sample content like the John Bishop On Tour free app, or the Who is the Stig? paid-for app. The possibilities are endless.


Andrew Cocker, European marketing director at Yahoo!, asks: What advertising opportunities will there be for brands around (new digital and internet TV service) YouView?

HK YouView and other web-enabled TV services offer brands the full integration of the TV and web experience on a single screen. You can move seamlessly from Top Gear the TV show to Top Gear’s Facebook page on one device and use both at the same time, giving consumers a much richer brand experience. The same would apply to advertisers moving seamlessly between their TV ad and other web or ecommerce experiences. Immediate brand action or transaction would be just one click away.



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