Helping the young enriches our industry

As a director with responsibility for HR at a marketing services agency, it’s fantastic news that the industry is striving to reduce unemployment through boosting opportunities for this younger age group (MW 24 November).

Now is a vital time to invest in the future of our young people, who otherwise risk being forgotten.

The marketing sector is hugely powerful and we must harness this power to help change lives through creating opportunities. We achieve this by combining practical training in a ’hands on’ environment in which trainees can be mentored by the senior members of the company.

The industry will continue to thrive but only if we ensure we do not overlook the younger generation who have the ability to make positive steps forward, irrespective of the walk of life they come from.

John Sylvester, Executive director of P&MM Motivation and board director of the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM), responsible for the Motivation Diploma


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