Hemingways help RSPCA ad campaign

RSPCA, the animal welfare charity, is launching a print campaign this month that calls on the public to tell it what animal-related issues they are concerned about.

The ads, which show animal paw prints, will ask people to “make their mark” by taking part in a survey to find out what matters to them in terms of animal welfare. The campaign will target women aged 25 to 45 and will appear in celebrity and fashion magazines.

The charity is offering respondents to the ads a free T-shirt designed by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway’s Hemingway Design. It aims to build on the trend for socially aware designer fashion.

The men’s T-shirt carries the paw prints from the ads in a camouflage design and the women’s version features an elegant lady walking her dogs. Both are joint-branded Hemingway Design and RSPCA.

An RSPCA spokeswoman says/ “We want to find out what really concerns people about animal welfare. Whether it’s fur in fashion or dogs left in hot cars, we want to know what will best encourage the public to back our campaign as a one-off donor, campaigner or a lifelong RSPCA supporter.”