Hewlett-Packard chief leaves UK for US post

Computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard’s top UK and Ireland business marketer, Becky Carroll, is returning to the US after almost three years in the role.

Carroll, director of marketing for enterprise computing, UK and Ireland, is currently seeking a role within Hewlett-Packard in the US.

Carroll, who came to the UK as part of a secondment programme which places employees abroad for a maximum of three years, was previously support services marketing manager.

She is being replaced in the UK by Borel Setten, who was previously marketing manager for handheld and laptop computers to consumers and businesses.

Setten will be responsible for marketing all of Hewlett-Packard’s products, from printers to servers, to businesses.

The company’s business-to-business marketing operations were recently streamlined.

Separate operations for products such as handheld devices and office network products such as servers and storage providers have been merged into one operation.

Corporate advertising is handled by Saatchi & Saatchi. Marketing to consumers in the UK and Ireland is split into several divisions, with the marketing team reporting to Hewlett-Packard managing director Phil Lawler.


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