Hiscox uses insight to optimise website

International insurer Hiscox is capturing extensive insight from its website in order to optimise performance and conversion. It has implemented Speed-Trap to understand online behaviour of customers for its consumer buildings and contents insurance as well as for its specialist business insurance.

Stephen Rumbelow, UK web manager at Hiscox says: “In order to gain a complete and useful picture of online customer behaviour, we wanted an analysis tool which would enable us to look at the site from the customer’s point of view in real-time. This had to go beyond merely tagging particular pages – we wanted to see the full customer journey, from clicking on an advert to purchasing an insurance policy.”

The in-page, tag-free solution captures all online events, from checking a box and entering text to clicking on an image or selecting a tab, down to single keystrokes. This real-time data stream is being used to spot areas where visitors drop out during the quote-to-buy journey. As a result of subsequent improvements, conversion rates are rising.

“We are starting to gain a deep and meaningful understanding of the contribution of different media towards driving quotes and sales. We are planning to use this data to improve marketing channel performance by delivering a more targeted search engine marketing strategy and tailoring content to suit different media. Speed-Trap is now a core part of Hiscox’s online business, as we recognise that the best online businesses are data-driven,” says Rumbelow.


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