Hit test spurs Two Way TV advertiser drive

Two Way TV, the interactive system that allows viewers to join in with their favourite programmes, is targeting advertisers following a successful trial by drinks giant Allied Domecq.

Two Way TV head of marketing Peter Cowie says the company is talking to advertisers about the service, which makes its debut in Birmingham next week in the first stage of a 16m marketing launch.

Allied Domecq ran trials of interactive ads for a new soft drink called Cosmic Twist in a Two Way TV test run in 200 homes.

Cowie says: “We don’t want to bombard subscribers with advertising, but there are clear opportunities for sponsors to use us to reinforce their branding, or for an initiative such as the one Allied Domecq has tried in new product development.”

The trials broadcast quiz shows in which viewers were able to participate using an on-screen menu. They also contained information about the shows and their stars.

The company claims viewing figures were 150 per cent higher than for the same programmes broadcast conventionally.

The launch includes a roadshow devised by Curtis Hoy, a 700,000-home mailshot by Barraclough Hall Woolston Gray and a promotional video by Saatchi & Saatchi.

Two Way TV will be available in London by spring of next year, and go nationwide by Christmas.


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