Holsten Blair ad attracts complaints

A spoof endorsement of Holsten Pils lager by the Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie in a press ad has prompted complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Readers have objected to the ad, through GGT, because they say it uses images of the couple without permission and infringes their privacy.

The press ads appeared the day after Labour’s landslide victory and show Blair saying: “All change then, darling…” His wife replies: “Yes dear, smoother, cleaner and surprisingly easy to drink.” The ad ends with the line: “The All New Holsten Pils.”

Under the British Codes of Advertising and of Sales Promotion, advertisers who have not obtained permission from famous people should “ensure that they are not portrayed in an offensive or adverse way. Advertisements should not claim or imply an endorsement where none exists”.

An ASA spokesman says the Holsten Pils ad may not be formally investigated.”This is not malicious or offensive. It is obviously a spoof.”


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