Home-made by the lovely Jade

The Diary doesn’t normally go in for celebrity gossip, so it’s lucky this story isn’t about anyone famous. Just infamous. Yes, this one’s about everybody’s favourite Big Brother contestant, Jade. (She must be as, surprisingly, she’s still in the house.)

For those of you not following the latest series of Channel 4’s reality (in the loosest sense of the word) TV show, Jade has been branded by the papers as one of the biggest bitches in the country – the other was evicted last week. During a visit to the BB psychiatrist, she was even told to stop being such a two-faced cow (in politer language of course).

The Diary has heard a rumour that Jade has been known to work in M&C Saatchi’s kitchens. Doing what, the Diary has yet to find out; tasting, perhaps? Whatever happens to Jade post-BB, the Diary thinks the sooner she gets her head back in the oven the better.


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