Home Office launches campaign to “deglamourise” cocaine

Home Office is launching a campaign to “deglamourise” the celebrity image of cocaine in a bid to tackle use amongst teens. The move follows celebrities such as Kate Moss and Peaches Geldof being in the press for alleged coke use.

The new 1m Frank campaign will target 15 to 18 year olds and is the latest in the Government’s bid to crackdown on the use of cocaine.

The ad, created by Mother, will make young people aware of the health and social dangers of using cocaine by revealing its ugly consequence. The campaign, which breaks later this year, will include online advertising to reach the young.

The Home Office says that while overall drug use is at an 11 year low, the only drug that has risen in use since 1998 is cocaine. The department will also issue “cocaine leaflets” for young people and drug workers to illustrate the dangers and consequences of cocaine use.

Drugs Minister Vernon Coaker says: “We have taken tough action against cocaine use in recent years. More than 1,100 crack houses have been closed thanks to powers we introduced four years ago. We will continue to tackle cocaine and other illegal drugs through tough enforcement, innovate prevention campaigns, effective education and, where necessary, tailored treatment.”

The Frank drug awareness campaign, which educates young people with knowledge of the effects of drug use, will celebrate its fifth anniversary this Friday (May 23).


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