Honda introduces new strapline in latest ad

Honda has introduced a new strapline in its latest ad campaign. The car brand hopes the ‘Do More New’ strapline reflects drivers’ desires to seek out new and exciting experiences.

The campaign, for Honda’s CR-V SUV model, launches in Europe on 22 October.

It is the first major work from recently appointed McGarry Bowen London.



Reebok readies 2013 global marketing blitz

Seb Joseph

Reebok is readying a global marketing blitz featuring several fitness pursuits such as running and yoga as the sportswear giant steps up efforts to persuade people to view keeping fit with the same “passion” as they do traditional sports.


Brands stand by their man but for how long?

Seb Joseph

The decision by sponsors Nike, AB Inbev and Radioshack to stand by Lance Armstrong’s despite allegations from US anti-doping chiefs that he is a “serial cheat” is about their unwillingness to turn their backs on multi-million dollar brand strategies until there is unequivocal proof of wrong-doing. It is unlikley, however, that his allure to sponsors will last beyond the length of the current deals.


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