Honda plans ‘true stories’ ad campaign through Zip TV

Honda is launching a campaign through interactive television advertising consortium Zip TV that will feature true stories sent in by the public.

The “Crazy Sensible” campaign, which breaks on Friday, will have a “send us your stories” section to encourage viewers to interact with the Honda brand.

Zip TV head of client services John Dalziel says: “One example is someone running just over 26 miles wearing a chicken suit, which sounds like a crazy idea, but when it’s running a marathon for a cancer charity then it becomes a sensible one.”

The ads will also include a request for vehicle ownership and retention information, a “smart e-mail” function and a dealer locator, which can be accessed by pressing the red button on the TV remote control.

The ownership and retention questions enable Honda to find out when someone is thinking of changing their car and what type of car they will replace it with.

Zip TV was set up to enable members of the consortium to combine their knowledge of interactive TV advertising, and to cut costs associated with the medium.

Honda was the first member to run a campaign through Zip last July. Other members include Orange, Unilever, COI Communications and Reckitt Benckiser. Procter & Gamble did not renew its membership earlier this year (MW February 10).


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