Horses for courses in marketing

When it comes to marketing a brand, there are many ways to grab the market’s attention. You can take a number of approaches from direct mail to that John Woo-style TV and cinema campaign costing £30m. Or you could buy a racehorse and name it after the company you’re promoting, put it in a few races and see how it runs.

This is exactly what did recently, buying its very own racehorse. The two-year-old filly, trained by none other than former Southampton and England striker Mick Channon, made its first appearance at Kempton Park’s annual ladies’ night.

Far from being a cheap old nag or a lame mule, good for nothing but the glue factory,, or “Landan” as it likes to be known, romped home in first place, at 8:1. Now that’s one way to get ahead of the competition. (Shoot me please.)


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