Hostelworld, Giffgaff, Apple: The top 10 YouTube ads in April

Hostelworld’s ad featuring Mariah Carey trying out a hostel topped April’s list of the most popular YouTube ads, while Giffgaff’s ‘Stay because you want to’ ad and Apple’s ad for the iPhone RED rounded out the top three.

1. Hostelworld: Even divas are believers… Mariah Carey stays in a hostel

Hostelworld enlisted the help of legendary diva Mariah Carey for this ad, which aims to talk up the level of service people can expect. In the ad, Carey’s assistant accidentally books a hostel, and while at first she is angry she soon comes around and by the end is giving an impromptu performance in the hostel’s bar. No one really believes Carey is about to give up her lavish lifestyle to stay in a hostel, but that’s in part why this ad works. Neither Carey nor Hostelworld are taking themselves too seriously.

Creative agency: Lucky Generals
Media agency: In-house

2. Giffgaff: Stay because you want to stay

Giffgaff has taken a new marketing direction in this ad, moving on from ‘Free to go. Free to stay’ and taking a calmer approach to communicating its point of difference – that customers aren’t tied into long contracts. The film shows a woman delivering a thought-provoking monologue on the advantages of ‘small’ and why ‘big’ isn’t always better, all set to the classic 1978 Siouxsie & The Bashees track Hong Kong Garden.

“All you have to do is turn on your TV or go online and you hear big men shouting about big things, in a big way – when all it really is, is a big bit of old noise,” says Tom Rainsford, brand director at Giffgaff. “We wanted to present a different point of view. We wanted to make something that was bold but in a small way.”

Creative agency: In-house
Media agency: All Response Media

3. Apple: iPhone 8 RED special edition

Apple has been a partner of the HIV/AIDS charity RED for 11 years, raising more than $160m along the way to help bring the world a step closer to an AIDS-free generation. The launch of the iPhone 8 RED aims to continue that work, providing support and funds for counselling, testing and medicine that prevents the transmission of HIV from a mother to her unborn child. This simple ad promotes the red version of the phone, set to the track That’s It (I’m Crazy) by Sofi Tukker.

Creative agency: Media Arts Lab
Media agency: OMD International

4. Scotland is Now: A new way of looking at Scotland

Scotland launched this ad as part of a new £6m marketing campaign ‘Scotland is Now’ that aims to showcase the openness of the country to students, tourists, investors and migrants. Created by the Scottish Government, Visit Scotland, Scottish Development International and Universities Scotland, it shows off tourist attractions such as its famous landscapes and buildings with stories of significant individuals such as homelessness entrepreneur Josh Littlejohn.

Creative agency: The Union
Media agency: Carat Edinburgh

5. Lancôme: Bonjour Lancôme – Lessons with Chinutay

Lancome has enlisted the help of bloggers and YouTubers to give viewers lessons in the best way to apply make-up. In this video, make-up artist Chinutay offers tips on how to create a flawless base and glamorous red lip look.

Creative agency: In-house
Media agency: Wavemaker Global

6. Apple: iPhone X – Animoji: Panda

Creative agency: Media Arts Lab
Media agency: OMD International

7. Porsche: The 919 tribute on tour – First stop: Spa

Creative agency: Kemper Kommunikation
Media agency: PHD Media

8. BMW: The all new BMW M2 competition

Creative agency: Iris Nation Worldwide
Media agency: Wavemaker Global

9 Huawei: Huawei presents – A phone anonymous

Creative agency: Doner London
Media agency: Wavemaker Global

10. BP: BPme – The new way to pay for fuel from you car

Creative agency: TBWA/Manchester
Media agency: Mindshare Media UK

This top 10 YouTube ads is based on a list compiled by YouTube that measures total number of views and average length viewers watched to come up with the most popular each month.



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