Housebuilder to develop smart media

Technology giant Invensys is teaming up with homebuilder Taylor Woodrow to create “smart houses” that are remote-controlled over the Internet by homeowners.

The companies will build houses in international markets featuring centralised remote access to appliances, heating and other wireless devices such as mobile phones and palm-top computers. The first UK homes could be built before the end of the year.

Appliances such as fridges and microwaves contain microprocessors or chips which can be programmed to receive signals from the wireless devices. This will allow homeowners to switch on the central heating on their way home from work. The smart homes will be automatically inform maintenance companies if an appliance needs repairing.

Invensys already manufactures many components found in the home, such as thermostats.

Taylor Woodrow normally builds homes for high earners, but intends to create homes for people on all levels of income.


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