How Claydon Heeley broke the boredom this summer

August is upon us, and for those of us that used all of our holiday entitlements by the end of February, this means long balmy afternoons with nothing to do, stuck in the office, desperately thinking of new ways to skive while workmates are lying on a beach somewhere exotic.

This lack of anything to do can lead some people to go to extremes to alleviate their boredom. Take the staff at direct marketing agency Claydon Heeley Jones Mason, for instance.

Whereas most of us just browse the internet for an hour to pass the time, workers at CHJM decided to have a stab at breaking a few world records, all in front of a Guinness Book of Records official.

So in the next edition of the famous book, CHJM staff will be represented for their feats of stretching a Curly Wurly the farthest; eating the most baked beans with a cocktail stick in a minute; running the fastest 100m in a panto horse outfit (male record, female record and mixed-sex record); and last but not least, popping 1,000 balloons, to smash the existing record of 39 seconds by 12 seconds. Now that’s a record worth breaking.

On Record Breakers, Roy Castle used to claim that dedication was all that you needed.

However, it would appear that a quiet month and an understanding boss come in useful too.


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