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  1. Ping Luo 12 Oct 2015

    From this news, I understand more about why people,
    especially marketers, always say that a move of a big company will always affect
    the whole market more than they could tell. When I first knew that Facebook
    would add a “dislike” button under the posts, I didn’t really like it and
    thought that it can’t be a successful marketing strategy. First, no one wants
    to get a “dislike” on his or her post. Second, people will be hard to give a
    “dislike” to others because they don’t want to be awkward when see each other
    in the real life. Also, it might increase the percentage of
    cyber-bullying. But Facebook changed
    their strategy and let people express their emotions via emojis. I think it is
    a really smart decision. Brands can connect with consumers more and know what
    they think about their product. From the feedbacks of consumers, they will
    improve the quality of the ads to cater to the need of clients. Also, in order to get the feedback they want
    from people, people will consider more before they post something on their
    page. I believe that to some extent it will decrease the probability of

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