How Mark Begley Got Ahead

My team at MajorPlayers – I feel I have a great team of consultants working within me on digital creative. Couldnt ask for a better team of people and its still growing.

Name: Mark Begley
Company: MajorPlayers
Job title: Head of Digital Creative

What made you want to get into marketing?:
Having studied design at university I always knew I wanted to work in the creative industry.

How did you get into the industry (including relevant qualifications and professional training)?:
After graduation I worked for a year as a designer, I registered with a creative recruitment agency and they offered me a job as a trainee recruitment consultant – 10 years later I’ve never looked back.
– University of Plymouth – BA (Hons) Graphic Design
– West Cheshire College of Arts – Foundation Art Design
– 4 A-Levels

What was good and bad about your first job?:
First job was working at WH Smiths – was good having more independence, was bad having to work Saturdays.

List your jobs to date:
– Head of Digital Creative – Major Players
– Senior Digital Recruitment Consultant- Recruit Media
– Recruitment Consultant – Orchard
– 1 year spent on placements in various advertising and design agencies
– While studying I worked in a variety of jobs and places – barman, cleaner, till cashier, abattoir, factories, petrol attendant – I spent a summer sanding down planes to be re-sprayed.

What were the best and worst, and why?:
Working in an un-named recruitment agency that tried to sellotape a telephone to my head in a bid to make me do more sales calls. They had no interest in developing relationships with their clients they just wanted numbers on the board. A truly shocking place to work and made me understand why people hate recruitment consultants.

Who in the industry do you most admire?:
As a company I admire De-Construct – I’ve seen them grow from a start up agency, into a really strong and highly respected agency. They appear to have started with a clear business plan and have retained their core beliefs and standards as the agency has developed. I also think they do some excellent work.

What is your biggest achievement to date?:
My team at MajorPlayers – I feel I have a great team of consultants working within me on digital creative. Couldn’t ask for a better team of people and it’s still growing.

On what do you base your success so far?:
Working for companies that I respect and share a similar vision with – not compromising. I have a real interest and passion for the digital industry, and love meeting people.

What are your ambitions?:
To continue to grow a fantastic team of consultants who are respected in the industry for their knowledge and passion. For them to be seen as the market leaders in creative recruitment. As MajorPlayers grows as a company, I’d love the opportunity to grow the team both nationally and internationally.

Change one thing about your job:
More time.

Change one thing about your industry:
Less talk and more action – with people taking more risks. There are some fantastic agencies doing great work but also there’s a lot of bland work being produced.

Change one thing about the world:
Stella is good for you.

What is your favourite brand?:

What is the next big brand in your view?:
Ethical brands with an eco / social conscious.

List your “media diet”:
People, Marketing Week, NMA, Chinwag, Campaign, Marketing, Design Week, News Today, BBC.


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