How PepsiCo is enabling its brands to fund their own marketing

FMCG giant PepsiCo launched its own content studio in May enabling it to create content in-house for its own brands, as well as white-label content that it can sell to distributors or advertisers for a profit. Kristin Patrick, senior vice-president of global brand development, explains how.


Is PepsiCo’s new content studio the Creators League generating revenue for the company yet?

Kristin Patrick: We have taken a certain amount of digital content production in-house, so the Creators League has already helped to reduce our spending on branded content creation. Ultimately, we hope to see our unbranded content create an additional revenue stream for PepsiCo that will cover the costs of creating our ad content.

How can individual PepsiCo brands get involved in creating content via the Creators League?

Kristin Patrick: Our Creators League is in constant communication with PepsiCo’s brand leads. For branded content, the Creators League was always envisioned to be an open, collaborative group that would work with our brand leads and the creative community to create exceptional brand moments. Ideas flow from both directions to ensure brand integrity.

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How can the Creators League compete with established film, TV or music studios when making white-label content?

Kristin Patrick: I wouldn’t say we want to compete with those studios. We want to exist in partnership with and complement them. We recently opened a 4,000-square foot, state-of-the-art production studio in New York City. The studio not only serves as home to the Creators League, but is also open for use by creatives. Usher, Serena Williams and artists like Panama Wedding and Rozes have used the studio, which features a recording studio, screening room and editing and production facilities.




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