How Simon Lloyd got ahead

Name: Simon Lloyd
Company: Nokia UK
Job title: Head of Marketing

Name: Simon Lloyd

Company: Nokia UK

Job title: Head of Marketing

What made you want to get into marketing?:
I have always been very imaginative and creative and when I was starting my career “big brands” were very alluring – they looked exciting.

How did you get into the industry?:
I did not come via a classically trained route. My degree is in geology, so not related to marketing at all, but my first job was in telemarketing at BT and then things went from there.

What was good and bad about your first job?:
Good: I learnt a lot very quickly, especially about how diverse consumers are. I also made a friend for life.
Bad: Really felt like a tiny cog in a very big wheel.

List your jobs to date: Customer Marketing Manager, BTTV Presenter, Live TV Account Manager, Kellogg’s Trade Marketing Manager, Frontline Senior National Account Manager, 20th Century Fox Account Director, Nokia

Head of Marketing, Nokia

What were the best and worst, and why?:
Best: Current job, massively rewarding and exciting.
Worst: Frontline (magazine marketing group) – I always wanted to work directly for the publishers. 

Who has been your biggest inspiration?: My dad, who taught me to trust my gut instinct.

Who in the industry do you most admire?:
John Caudwell because he is revered by many but very straight talking and values relationships. 1bn can’t be bad either!

What is your biggest achievement to date?:

Managing to totally surprise my fianc?when I proposed to her, she normally never misses a trick!

On what do you base your success so far?:
Having good intuition and confidence to act on decisions. Also good relationship management is hugely important to me.

What are your ambitions?: To be part of something totally new that makes an impact in the market. 

Change one thing about your job:
Reduce the number of processes

Change one thing about your industry:
Confusing the consumer with complicated mobile tariffs

Change one thing about the world:

What is your favourite brand?:

What is the next big brand in your view?:
The next one that I must have!

List your “media diet”: Sky News, FT, marketing press and 24


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