How The Happy Egg Company is engaging families with summer voucher codes

Rob Newell, Happy Egg Company

Q: Why did you decide to launch your ‘Trips for Schools’ promotion during  the summer?

Launching the campaign in the last month of the school term will encourage people to get collecting, because at this time of year there is a heightened  awareness of ubiquitous ‘Kids go free’ activity.

Throughout the summer, it’s also likely that children will accompany parents when shopping and remind them of the campaign that will run through to  September when the new school year begins.

There is also a synergy between this campaign  and the launch of our Happy Egg bus tour, which kick-started this summer and is currently making its way around the UK at county shows.

Q: Is this the first time you have used on-pack voucher codes and was it expensive or difficult to implement?

This is a first for the UK [egg market] and has taken some time to organise, but we have been working extensively with [outdoor activity centre] Kingswood and [marketing  agency] Hive to make it as appealing and beneficial to consumers as possible.

The production process has required a high level  of investment because it needs to be completed at pack production stage as opposed to being integrated  into in-house production, but we are delighted with  the result.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with this campaign?

There are several goals we hope to achieve with this campaign, the first being increased brand engagement but, more importantly, to drive loyalty for The Happy Egg Company brand in a sector that typically sees low levels of loyalty owing to shoppers’ promiscuity.

Ultimately, we are also looking to increase sales during the summer period where egg consumption is generally lower.


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