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  1. Gianluca Bregoli 31 Oct 2014

    Gianluca Bregoli
    I agree with James Caig, head of strategy at Isobar, when he says: “Not all likes and followers are born equal. Knowing more about why someone has followed you will become critical in helping a brand generate value from that follow or like.”
    I also think that the lack of alignment with the business objectives and integration of social media content with the rest of the full marketing mix are the two main problems.

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  3. Deborah Betteridge 20 Jan 2015

    Some interesting points raised and I completely agree that all messages to potential (and existing) customers need to be consistent across all mediums – including social media, which means good planning. But, that said there needs to be that element of reaction to posts, tweets etc to keep followers engaged and believing that their interaction is important to the company – similar to Benefits re-gram competition. Some of the best responses I have had on Twitter have been when reacting to somebody else’s Tweet.

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