How Vita Coco plans to use content to cement itself as the coconut authority

Vita Coco is launching its own editorial platform in a bid to become “synonymous with coconuts” and raise awareness of coconut oil among the masses.

The brand’s hub ‘#Swearbyit’ will post editorial content on a weekly basis and include cooking recipes, beauty tips and health advice. The brand will also work with guest bloggers, who in turn are encouraged to share their articles on their social channels.

The platform will be separate to Vita Coco’s website, but content from the hub will also be posted on Vita Coco’s social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The hub, which is created and managed by Gravity Road, was launched in response to a brand research project on consumer awareness, which found that while 84% of consumers know about coconut oil 53% still haven’t tried it.

“Like coconut oil, coconut water used to be a niche product. Today, it’s the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverage in the UK. So there was an opportunity for us to turn it into a product that has multiple uses for people in their everyday lives,” Pip Brook, marketing director of Vita Coco EMEA told Marketing Week.

She explained that while there are lots of coconut products in the market, there are no “true” brands.

“As a result, there was an amazing opportunity for Vita Coco to build a brand and become a centralised information hub on coconut oil to drive why people should use it for beauty benefits or cooking,” she commented.

Social sharing is at the heart of the platform, as the brand seeks to climb up Google’s search rankings by making the brand synonymous with coconuts.

Vita Coco launched its coconut oil product at the end of last year following the success of coconut water. According to research firm Canadean, global coconut water consumption has risen by 60% over the last ten years.

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