HP Autonomy white paper: excel in online marketing

Today’s marketers benefit from an unprecedented amount of data about their prospects and customers, and seemingly unlimited ways to reach out to them. The evolution and sophistication of online channels such as search, social and mobile present new opportunities to target and engage audiences in ways marketers only dreamed of 10 years ago.

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With the dramatic increase in data, businesses are facing huge new challenges. To thrive, marketers must use their finite online advertising dollars to target prospects with the highest likelihood of conversion and optimise their websites to maximise conversion of those high-quality prospects into valuable customers. The exponential growth of data increases the opportunity — but also the complexities and challenges.

Companies worldwide have embraced online advertising as the preferred method of attracting customers and promoting their brands. Online advertising allows marketers to precisely target their audiences and then monitor and measure the effectiveness of their advertising at an exceptionally detailed level. Marketers then have the chance to respond more quickly and efficiently than through traditional means. Their ability to leverage this channel to its fullest potential depends on the quality of their technological tools…

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