HP Bulmer tests cider and schnapps product

HP Bulmer is to test a flavoured alcoholic beverage called Schnapper – a cider-based spirit mixer with peach flavour schnapps. It has an alcoholic strength of 5.4 per cent alcohol by volume.

At the same time, the company has confirmed that it has axed its previous flavoured alcoholic beverage line, called Max, because of poor sales.

Schnapper will be tested in style bars in the Tyne-Tees region in February and will be supported by a promotional campaign on EMAP Metro Radio and TFM. The company says it is the first spirit mixer made with cider. It comes in a 275ml bottle.

Bulmer marketing director Mark Doorbar says the drink is aimed at 20 to 26 year-old adults. The design and packaging follows the guidelines of industry watchdog the Portman Group, so it is not aimed at underaged drinkers. Doorbar says: “We want to make sure we get the right balance. It has the credibility of a flavoured alcoholic beverage and is as refreshing as an alcopop.”

The brand will enter an already crowded market, competing against products such as Martini Metz and Moscow Mule.

HP Bulmer’s advertising account is up for pitch between incumbent J Walter Thompson and GGT.


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