HSBC launches DM campaign to promote loans

HSBC is launching a direct marketing campaign this week to promote its personal loan service to existing customers. The ads take on a fairy tale theme as part of its push to convince people of its product’s benefits.

The campaign, which has been created by RMG Connect, will focus on the 25% interest repayment reward given to customers when they make their final loan repayment.

HSBC head of direct marketing Suzanne Aspden says the campaign has been driven by two key factors – “need and affordability”.

The mailing “tells the story” of the product’s features and adds that an HSBC personal loan could lead to a “happy ever after” ending.

Aspden adds: “The current financial climate is at the forefront of our customers’ minds and wallets and at this time of heightened concern regarding credit availability and customer indebtedness, our primary concern was relevance and responsibility within our marketing communications.”


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