How to meet mobile shopper needs

Mobile e-commerce is a compelling opportunity for brands but there is continuing uncertainty on how to optimise it. If businesses get it wrong, they can cause irreparable brand damage. No customer interaction channel to date has grown faster than mobile; and no channel yet has had such high customer expectations from the start. Employing a […]

How to use push notifications to engage mobile shoppers

Consumers are increasingly using their phones to search for and purchase products and services, push notifications can be a really effective way for brands to interact with customers. Push notifications can increase key metrics such as customer lifetime value and average order value. However, brands need to plan carefully, delivering precise, personalised messages, responding to […]

Why your brand should be ‘upwardly mobile’

The mobile phone is so much more than an emerging consumer channel. Brand leaders are discovering that mobile is disrupting traditional business models, providing valuable new sources of data and insight and driving results at the top and bottom line. This White Paper from IBM highlights the benefits of a switched on approach to the new […]

How to deliver the right mobile apps more efficiently

As smart phone ownership reaches 1.5 billion worldwide, it becomes ever more attractive for brands to capitalise on the interaction and engagement that mobile applications appear to offer. However, apps are not a silver bullet and ‘owning’ the mobile moment is more elusive than it might seem. An app that provides the right functionality at […]

Holiday shopping trends to watch

As consumers use smartphones as their steady companion to shop anywhere, anytime, shopping behaviour is evolving. This preference for mobile and the implications for brands is underlined in research from IBM into holiday shopping trends over the November and December 2015 period. Download the report to discover valuable insight into consumer behaviour, including the reasons behind […]

How real-time personalisation can generate effective marketing

With consumers checking their smartphones over 150 times a day and expecting a response within 5 minutes after contacting a brand through social media, it’s clear that real-time personalisation is a crucial marketing tool. In this paper, IBM analyses how maintaining a consistent dialogue across channels can result in increased customer loyalty and sales. And […]

How mobile drives sales

Armed with smartphones and tablets it is now customers, rather than brands, that are in control. From using their phones to check competitor pricing to taking photos with their tablets to compare products online, consumers are increasingly blurring the lines between digital and physical. The retailers that want to keep up need to offer their […]

Using push notifications to ramp up mobile marketing

With mobile becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix, push notifications are a great way to engage with consumers by delivering targeted content to devices. However, getting the tool right requires insight, and marketers need to make sure their content is relevant and timely. Download this report for advice on how to effectively […]