Hugh Jackman stars in Lipton ad

Lipton Ice Tea is today launching a global advertising campaign starring X-men actor Hugh Jackman.

The Hollywood star features in two ads shot in Rio, Brazil – “Hard Day’s Work”, in which he appears with Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera and “Tokyo Dancing Hotel”.

The ads are part of Lipton Ice Tea’s “Drink Positive” campaign and mark the beginning of a three-year partnership between Jackman and Lipton.

“Tokyo Dancing Hotel” sees Jackman’s character looking tired and alone until he is revived by a Lipton Ice Tea, after which he leads staff and guests in a dance through the hotel.

In “Hard Day’s Work” his character is seen filming a passionate scene with Reguera then pausing for an ice tea before returning to finish filming.

Jason Green, chief marketing officer of Lipton, says: “The new adverts highlight the key values of Lipton Ice Tea, which are positivity, optimism and the uplifting qualities of the drink.”


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