Hybrid working important to more than 80% of marketers

Despite the fact 82.6% of marketers say hybrid working is important to them, almost one in 10 have had a request for greater flexibility turned down by their employer.

Career & Salary Survey 2022Companies will need to offer hybrid and flexible working arrangements to attract the best marketers, according to the 2022 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey.

Some 82.6% of the 4,463 marketers surveyed say hybrid or flexible working is either important or very important to them. When looking solely at a comparison of ‘very important’ job characteristics, hybrid working comes in fourth (49.6%) behind a good working environment (70.4%), fair financial rewards (60.7%) and the opportunity to advance your career (55.6%).

Nearly half of the respondents (49.8%) are currently working in a hybrid manner, mixing days in the office with days at home. This number rises to 52.3% of marketers in large businesses (250 employees and over) and dips slightly in SMEs to 47.3%.

However, nearly one in 10 (9.3%) marketers report having had a request to working flexibly turned down by their employer.

Among this group, reasons for flexibility being rejected range from brands wanting marketers to be in the office full-time (34.2%), companies not believing remote working is effective (26.5%), or operating a ‘one size fits all’ approach (24.5%).

The exclusive analysis shows demand for flexibility differs according to gender and age demographics, although the overall trend makes a compelling case for brands to get to grips with hybrid working or risk losing marketing talent for good.

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