Hytner heralds ‘new era for ITV’

ITV’s marketing director Jim Hytner has launched two initiatives in a bid to put “listening and effective communication” at the forefront of the network’s strategy when it comes to courting advertisers.

The ITV network will play a part in co-ordinating a client services team, to be drawn from Carlton and Granada’s resources, that will not only talk about trading issues, but also the strength of ITV’s content and its brand. The team will operate from 2002 onwards.

Hytner, speaking at a presentation to TV buyers on Monday, said: “We have learnt that there has to be a trading relationship and a brand relationship with our agencies and advertisers and so, using resources from Carlton and Granada, we will start to build both aspects.”

Senior clients will be invited to attend a free ITV conference in May next year. The event will aim to provide clients and their agencies with the opportunity to discuss various issues with ITV executives.

Hytner claims his initiatives, which have been broadly welcomed by TV buyers, herald a “new era” at ITV.

He also made it clear that his attention will be focused on ITV1 over the next three months and that a new identity will be created for the channel in place of the heart logo. It is widely expected that Hytner will also review the agency arrangements for the channel.

He says: “ITV1 must create a stronger, more recognisable identity to do justice to the product.”


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