Hyundai eyes image boost with ‘made of more’ campaign

Hyundai is hoping to show a more human side of its brand with a campaign it says marks a change of direction by aiming to create a sense of “wonder and excitement” in the consumer rather than focusing solely on the product.


The integrated campaign kicks off today (3 September) and will be led by a trilogy of online films to promote Hyundai’s vehicles beginning with its ix35 sports, accompanied by corresponding press, out-of-home and digital executions.

The ad, directed by multiple-time Cannes Lions winner Frank Budgen and marketing company Innocean, are aimed at demonstrating the importance of a car to its owner’s life by featuring multiple household objects (see video) that then join together into the shape of the ix35.

The campaign runs with the tag line “Made of More’ and debuts ahead of next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, with remaining slots scheduled to run later in the year.

It is hoped the campaign will evoke a more “emotional” and “visceral” reaction than people currently associate with Hyundai and other car ads that tend to focus on more traditional tactics of brand linkage, such as logos appearing on screen throughout, according to Innocean Worldwide Europe chief creative officer Jamie Colonna.

Mark Hall, Hyundai Europe’s VP of marketing says: “When Hyundai first expanded into Europe it surprised consumers with the quality of its products and the competitiveness of its prices, but now we want to show how much more there is to the brand than value alone.

“We asked Innocean for a campaign that would challenge expectations, and that is exactly what they have delivered for us with these executions. It’s exciting for us to be able to show the softer side of the brand: reflecting the fact that our inspired products are in turn inspired by real consumers and their day-to-day lives “