Hyundai readies biggest ever online campaign

Hyundai will launch its biggest ever online-only launch campaign later this year for its Veloster coupe model.


The car marque now allocates 25% of its £30m marketing and media budget to digital, up from around 10% two or three years ago. It plans to further increase digital investment to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Andrew Cullis, Hyundai marketing director says: “Putting more into digital isn’t a vanity project, you have to put it in the right places to target the right people. You can just do more TV, which raises awareness, but doesn’t help people understand the brand.”

“It’s easy to sell a lot of cars through the usual channels but we want people to seek out the Hyundai brand because it’s relevant, and engaging.”

The car marque introduced a new “modern premium” brand positioning earlier this year and is currently running a major brand campaign under the new strapline: “New Thinking, New Possibilities”.

It is the first time that Hyundai has taken a brand-led approach to marketing. All product launch activity will fit into the same framework under the new strapline.

Cullis says he wants to build awareness of the brand in Europe because it’s currently low.

Hyundai hopes its new “modern premium” positioning and brand focused approach will boost its market share in Europe from 3% to 5% by 2015.


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