I joined the BMF to see the sea…

The picture on the right shows the marketing team of the British Marine Federation, out on a bonding exercise on the BT Global Challenge boat with marketing director James Gower.

The Diary would love to tell you there’s a funny story attached to this picture, but there isn’t. However, you might like to see it, if only because it shows a bunch of people grinning as if their jobs depended on it. And, given they were out on a works do, they probably did.

The Diary is, however, slightly worried about the young man in the top right-hand corner – the only one not smiling. Perhaps this is because he has been entrusted with the onerous task of holding up a rather large and heavy post.

The Diary also thinks there is a nice irony in the fact the bonding exercise took place on a BT-sponsored boat. This is the same BT which, in its latest advertising, is ridiculing businesses which send staff on bonding exercises…


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