I just want to make a point

Bravo for featuring the Newspaper Society’s research on “Shopping around the UK” (MW June 21), which made very interesting reading. But while I agree with much of what was said I disagree with the Newspaper Society’s presumption that “regional/local press is the most popular media source of information” for gr

ocery shoppers. What about in-store media? The Newspaper Society states that grocery shopping involves a short-term planning process, with two-thirds of grocery shoppers deciding what to buy “just that day”, and that 82 per cent of grocery shoppers visit a store to obtain details on special offers.

Research commissioned by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) found that 73 per cent of all purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase (PoP). Furthermore, the PoP industry has a market value of &£600m to &£765m. Surely it deserved at least a mention in the analysis?

Mandy Long

Corporate marketing manager

Bezier Creative Print



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