I like the Aldi Christmas adverts

Ruth Mortimer is Marketing Week’s associate editor and a prolific blogger. She won a PPA Award for her forthright and insightful columns on marketing.

I like the new Aldi advertising. Which is apt, as that is actually the supermarket’s slogan. It markets itself under the banner “Aldi. Like brands. Only cheaper.”

For its Christmas TV campaign, the retailer has chopped down its marketing message to simply “Like Aldi” with a quirky, humorous campaign on the theme of “liking”.

In one execution, children claim they like either Lindt chocolate reindeer or Aldi chocolate reindeer – what they don’t like is socks. In another execution, the granny responds that she also likes either Lindt or Aldi reindeer, so the kids are indeed getting socks.

The idea of liking is an interesting one. Most brands automatically go for “love” as the stronger emotion with more imperative for people to buy something. But Aldi seems to have got the tone of this right – do people really love a cheap supermarket? No, they think it is useful to them in keeping their costs down.

Also, it fits the current zeitgeist, where we all spend our time “liking” on various social media. The act of “liking” is those of us who are internet-enabled are doing all the time.

So in short, bravo Aldi. It’s a fun campaign that nicely fits your brand values. It pushes “cheap” in a positive way that makes it seem like the sensible choice rather than cutting back. I like it.





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