I loved Murray speaking bull

Just a quick note to say how fantastic I find Iain Murray’s articles. He is, without doubt, one of the outstanding features of your magazine.

His latest piece on the scientist who gleefully punched a bull on the nose only to be reminded of the physical law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction is hilarious (MW March 5). I hope for justice’s sake that the farmer (not Foskett) is awarded compensation for cruelty (physical and mental) to his prized heffer.

I have long been a believer that scientists are held in much to high a regard by Western societies. When you put on a white coat, all manner of rubbish can spew from your lips and most of the audience will believe every word. We should not forget that a few hundred years ago scientists (or witches/wizards as they were then called) were merrily burnt at the stake for public enjoyment, not held is quasi-religious awe by the masses. That right was reserved for the priesthood!

I also recall his “Marketing to morons” article about dear Louise Woodward. The incisiveness was startling and I can never see the girl on television without recalling Murray’s piece.

If it hasn’t already been planned or done, a collection of these stories would make an excellent publication. Please cut me a slice if you go ahead.

Keith Evans


The Netherlands


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