IAB seeks e-mail marketing rules

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has made a significant step towards establishing consistent industry standards for e-mail marketing after backing guidance set out by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

The DMA E-mail Marketing Best Practice Guidelines, which aim to raise standards and stimulate the development of e-mail as an effective marketing channel, were re-launched in June. They also aim to provide the most up-to-date summary of regulation and legislation applying to the e-mail marketing industry.

Rupert Harrison, chairman of the DMA E-mail Marketing Council’s Best Practice Hub, says/ “As e-mail comes of age, it is vital that the industry adopts a self-regulatory approach to avoid the introduction of further legislation. The DMA Best Practice Guidelines provide a valuable and up-to-date industry benchmark, ensuring marketers can take advantage of this cost-effective, measurable medium to engage their customers and build their brands.”

An IAB spokesman says: “Best practice is more important than ever to safeguard such a successful medium. To be truly effective, we are keen that as many companies as possible follow the guidelines – setting a true standard for e-mail marketing.”

E-mail is a growing channel in the online mix and is estimated to be worth about £1bn in the UK. Last month The Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) launched what it claims is the world’s first accredited professional qualification in e-mail marketing.

The IDM/Responsys Certificate in E-mail Marketing was launched in conjunction with e-mail service provider Responsys and is available through the company.


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