Ice cap in hand in aid of Bobby Moore

Ah, April at last. As the daffodils bloom and hedgehogs begin once more to die on the roads, thoughts turn to spring, sunshine and the warming of the world as the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun.

But some people, it seems, haven’t had enough misery. They like the cold and wind and they want more. Three of those people – Chris McLeod, Phil Ashby and Manley (apt name) Hopkinson, of Chemistry Communications’ Mission Performance division – are acting on their impulses. Drawn blindly northwards, like Dr Frankenstein in pursuit of his monster, the three are to take part in a 400km race to the magnetic North Pole. Setting off on April 9 from Resolute Bay, Canada, the team will be raising money for the Bobby Moore Foundation.

Trekking to the pole is snow joke, but it’ll no doubt make an ice story for their grandchildren…


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