Iceland spots seasonal gap For low-fat line

Iceland, the frozen food retailer, is launching its first low fat food range to capitalise on the growing interest in a healthy diet.

The range, called “Good Choice”, will be available in 27 lines from the first week of January to coincide with New Year’s resolution dieters who feel they have over-indulged during the Christmas period and need to cut down on fat.

The line will also be low in salt. Products will range from pizzas to desserts, and will be branded with a bright blue and white logo. The range will be backed by marketing activity over the season.

Earlier this year, Iceland and the British Dietetic Association teamed up to produce a healthy eating book called Cool Food to help schools teach children about healthy eating (MW January 25).

The launch reflects the increasing interest by retailers in the healthy eating market.

In September this year, Waitrose launched its “Perfectly Balanced” range, its biggest own-brand product launch to date, to rival Sainsbury’s “Be Good To Yourself” range (MW September 6).


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