Identity is not a surface matter

The story about Moben adding an umlaut over its “o” is an interesting one (MW September 13). Had one of its ranges been called “The Stuttgart”, then the aim to provide a German feel would have been decently fulfilled. As it is, the conclusion must be that some form of deception was, consciously or unconsciously, perpetrated.

It shows, once again, that brand identity is not a surface matter, and that corporate behaviour somehow always shows through. Some of us may hate Ikea, but at least we know where it’s coming from.

Chris Ludlow

Henrion Ludlow Schmidt

London SW1W


ASA lambasts Accurist for ‘irresponsible’ campaign

Marketing Week

Jewellery and watch manufacturer Accurist has been slammed by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for its “irresponsible” use of a young girl in a “suggestive, sexual way” in a print ad. The ASA has upheld a complaint that the ad – created by Malcolm Moore/Deakin Blayze – was offensive and irresponsible and was likely to appeal […]

Lego launches ‘serious play’ bricks to help businesses

Marketing Week

Lego is launching its first product specifically for adults. The range aims to help managers develop business strategies using Lego bricks. Called Lego Serious Play, the concept claims to turn boardrooms into “constructive playgrounds”, where managers and employees use Lego bricks to build representations of their businesses. The first application, “Real Time Strategy”, goes on […]


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