launches personalised digital magazine

Idio%20foundersIdio, the online magazine, has launched a new personalised digital design and music magazine, which will allow users to select the advertising content they receive., which is the brainchild of Warwick Business School graduate Edward Barrow (pictured, right), is a free service that enables advertisers to develop targeted audio-visual campaigns as users develop their own personal profiles of preferred content.

The service is based on a system that adapts content to readers’ interests as they rate the information they receive. Idio then selects from professionally licensed and user generated content to create a personalised Flash magazine for each user.

The key content areas will initially be confined to music and design but the company says it plans to extend into new areas as content contributions grow.

Andrew Davies (pictured, left), marketing director at Idio, says its personalised approach to advertising and content ensures that an advert reaches its target audience.