IGA to launch mobile in-games ad service

Global in-game advertising network IGA Worldwide has teamed up with Exit Games to launch the world’s first in-game advertising service for mobile phones.

Brands are already able to advertise in games featured on mobile phones, but this will be the first time they will be able to alter and update campaigns and executions.

Neutron, Exit Games’ multi-player solution for mobile phones, will be integrated with IGA Worldwide’s ad-serving platform the Radial Network, to enable advertisers to reach consumers via games on mobile phones.

Games publishers can generate in-game advertising that can be dynamically updated, changed and targeted geographically, all through the online ad network. Advertisers will also receive detailed reports on progress of their campaigns.

IGA Worldwide and Exit Games will also offer consultation to help both advertisers and game publishers exploit the potential of mobile in-game advertising. IGA wants to be a driving force behind standardisation of mobile advertising formats and guidelines on metering and consumer privacy.

Mobile in-game advertising is looking increasingly attractive for mobile phone operators as the advance of technology improves quality.

Codemasters Mobile director Matt Davies says: “We already know in-game advertising in PC and console gaming is proving a success. The mobile gaming market is something we’ll monitor closely.” Exit Games’ partners and clients include T-Mobile, Sony Ericsson and BenQ-Siemens Mobile.


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