‘I’m different from anyone else in the company’, says Samsung mobile’s first female executive

Younghee (YH) Lee, Samsung’s vice-president of global marketing for its mobile communications business, shares her thoughts on being a woman in a male dominated business, the future of smartwatches and the importance of storytelling.

YH Lee on… Being a senior woman at Samsung, and the first female executive in its mobile division

I’m different from anyone else in the company; first, being a woman, second, not coming from engineering, third, that I’m not a typical Korean, having a L’Oréal and Unilever background. But there are commonalities between Unilever, L’Oréal and Samsung. It’s dynamic, results-driven, exciting; the pace is at a speed I like. Of course, there are many challenges, being a woman, being [part of] a different way of working, but I enjoy it.

YH Lee on…Why smartwatches have not yet taken off, and their future potential

We have not yet discovered [the reason] someone has to wear it, or cannot live without it. A lot of people try smartwatches] and are disappointed, so you don’t feel the need for it then. We, somebody in the market, should find a reason to wear it every day.

When the internet of things comes, it will be the hub of everything. Imagine that through this [smartwatch] you control your automobile, your home. Imagine that this measures your heart rate and your blood pressure, your cholesterol level, your quality of sleep and also your stress level.

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YH Lee on…Being first to market versus telling the story of product features

Both [are important]. When I joined Samsung, it was always technology first. We were very good at world firsts – world’s best, world’s slimmest – Samsung was the first company to have an MP3 player in a phone, and [first to put] a camera into the phone, but it wasn’t fully understood by consumers. That’s my job, my mistake; I didn’t tell them this story enough.

We had been [talking about] a lot of product features – ‘our products have the best display’ – but it is not meaning so much, so now we are trying to tell our story.




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  1. Alexandra Creen 16 Nov 2017


    I agree that technology is a means for people to communicate rather than a means to an end. In a recently published novel (Overtext) I displayed how the main character overcomes her technological shortcomings in order to contact the object of her desire. She learns what she needs to propel herself forward and continues learning to maintain a long distance relationship through technology rather than face to face.

    Could you assist me in contacting Ms Younghee (YH) Lee as I admire her drive, direction and focus on the human aspect of using a device be it be it phone, tablet, smartwatch or laptop? Potentially some of the ideas I have could be fodder for upcoming advertising campaigns.

    Kind Regards
    Alexandra Creen
    Overtext -On Amazon
    The Word was made text and sent among us!

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