Imperial Tobacco cigar aims to attract cigarette smokers

Imperial Tobacco claims to have launched the UK’s first cigar with a filter. It is called Small Classic Filter.

The cigar, which will be marketed as a “hybrid product” to attract more cigarette smokers, will be rolled out in October.

A multimillion pound advertising campaign, using press and direct mail, through AMS will support the launch.

There will also be an on-pack promotion offering “&£5 in every fifth pack on average”. The promotion is designed to entice new smokers, encourage repeat purchase, create interest and stimulate sales on shelf.

Small Classic Filter will be the same size as King Size cigarettes, and have a mild flavour. The cigar will feature a discreet built-in filter.

The new product will cost &£2.78 for ten individually wrapped cigars.

The other cigar brands with the company include: Classic, Small Classic, Panama, King Edwards and Castella Panatellas.

The cigar will carry the same snap-lock pack design as Imperial Tobacco’s Classic brand and a pack graphic to communicate “filter cigars” to smokers.

Lisa Davies-Evans, trade marketing controller at Imperial Tobacco, says: “Research shows a consumer need for the product, and it will fuel the growth of the miniature cigar sector”.


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