In-store media will thrive as TV is rejected

Toyota GB commercial director Paul Philpott questions the diminishing status of the 30-second television ad in the ISBA 2005 annual report, citing the growth of the internet and the power of Web advertising as two key factors.

McKinsey Quarterly 2005, No 2, reported Yankelovich Partners’ finding that 69 per cent of consumers are interested in products that would help skip or block marketing. As the requisite technology becomes available to these consumers, advertisers’ traditional channels to them will be diminished or closed. It appears that they will be equally ruthless with Web-based advertising.

This suggests that in-store marketing will increase in significance: tomorrow’s consumer will continue to frequent stores and will demand an enjoyable experience there. This provides the opportunity to engage with shoppers in numerous ways

while they are in the business of acquiring goods. If the experience is pleasing, they will be more likely to seek it out than screen it out.

We are being asked to do more in-store work, whether this involves sampling campaigns or various types of in-store “theatre”.

Field marketing is also invaluable in ensuring compliance and thus increasing return on investment. Brands are well-advised to consider this most direct and measurable of media.

Julia Collis

Sales and marketing director





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