Inbev set to pick Kelly for global brand director role

Inbev is poised to appoint global brand director for Brahma Devin Kelly as the replacement for Phil Rumbol, the outgoing UK marketing director.

Rumbol announced earlier this year that he is leaving the company to join confectionery giant Cadbury as UK marketing director after ten years. He is due to leave the company at the end of next week.

Kelly, who is thought to be the only person in the running for the role, is expected to take over as soon as Rumbol leaves. The role includes responsibility for high- profile brands including Stella Artois and Becks.

He will be part of the company’s commercial leadership team, and therefore sit on the UK board and report to UK chief executive Colin Pedrick.

Kelly has been working to develop Brazilian beer Brahma as a global beer brand.

The brand is already well known in Latin America but less popular across the rest of the world. Last year, he was responsible for the appointment of digital agency Wheel to handle the global account and support the brand’s global roll-out.

There has been growing speculation that there will be a review of the Stella Artois &£20m global advertising account, which is currently handled by Lowe.

It is understood that Inbev is reviewing it options despite the popularity of the iconic Lowe advertising.


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