Indigo Red unveils UK’s ‘first’ video jobs website

Indigo Red, the recruitment consultant, has launched the UK’s first online video recruitment website,, to reach the “newest generation of job hunters”.

The site will encourage companies to use social media to post vlogs – online short videos – as job advertisements. It will also allow recruiters to give potential candidates a taste of what it’s like at the company by posting a video about their working environment.

Indigo Red managing director Steve Mallison-Jones says: “This is a new concept for the UK market and is designed to let potential candidates ‘know’ you before applying for a job. It’s a much better way of getting across your company culture and what you are like as an employer than a written ad or job spec.”

Online advertising has significantly affected the recruitment ad market, but companies and candidates have embraced social networking sites and other Web 2.0 advances to find and advertise jobs.

Ad agency Golley Slater used social media sites to post viral films online as part of its graduate recruitment drive. Andy Walton, managing director of Golley Slater’s Midlands advertising division, says: “Social media is part of the landscape for the people we want. Using it engages them on their own ground.”


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