Indulging the loony left tendency

Ask anyone who’s disabled, elderly, female, non-white or gay and they’ll tell you: “I’m glad I’m not left-handed. I may be at a disadvantage in the job market and be unable to go out at night in safety, but they have a terrible time. Imagine, having to wrestle with a backwards can-opener!”

Thank Heavens, then, for Left-Handers Day. Organised by the International Left-Handers Club and specialist retailer Anything Left-Handed, the day aims to “create awareness among the right-handed majority”.

To illustrate the point of how many seemingly everyday tasks the sinister minority finds impossible, here is a picture of a left-handed camera. Far be it for the Diary to carp, but surely anyone who is unable to use an ordinary camera surely has rather more to worry about than which side the button is on…


AXA UK calls review of its direct marketing agencies

Marketing Week

French-owned insurance giant AXA UK is to review its direct marketing agencies this autumn. The company says it does not have an exact timetable, but says it will not initiate the review before October, allowing time for the dust to settle following the appointment of J Walter Thompson to its &£23m above-the-line account in June […]

Electronic Arts raises Euro boss to world role

Marketing Week

Electronic Arts (EA), the world’s biggest video games publisher, has promoted marketing director for northern Europe Jon Rissik to director of worldwide marketing and operations. Rissik will report to vice-president of publishing support Steve Seabolt and will be based at EA’s headquarters in San Francisco. Rissik will be replaced as marketing director for northern Europe […]


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