Industry backs Rajar BARB electronic measurement link

Advertisers have supported Rajar’s decision to link up with TV audience measurement body BARB to test electronic measurement. The radio body made the announcement earlier this week.

Rajar has also revealed plans to overhaul its existing diary system and simplify its sampling methods. It has signed a new contract with research firm Ipsos-MORI, which runs the diary, but has also bought in RSMB Audience Research, to handle sampling and overall quality control, and TNS, which will run the electronic meter tests. The contracts will begin at the start of 2007 and will run for two years.

Incorporated Society of British Advertisers head of advertising and media Bob Wootton says that he is “delighted” that the two bodies have realised that “media research cannot continue in silos” and joined up.

He adds that traditional media that choose to stand alone rather than engage in joint industry debate and initiatives will eventually “fall over” as new media continues to grow.

Wootton admits that some parts of the radio industry will be disappointed with the decision to continue with the diary system but says that it is a “desirable mid-point”.

He says that the decision is significant to advertisers such as BT and COI Communications, who spend a lot of money on radio, but he adds advertisers broadly want to know the truth about the benefits of using radio.


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